Friday, September 26, 2008


Whew - am I glad this week is over. I swear I had a full week of crazy criminals. I have been covered up with sentencing reports on weirdo sex offenders, murders and theives. Boy am I burned out - 23+ years of this crap. Can I make it to 30 years.....

Thank goodness for the dogs. I honestly don't know what I would do without them. Even though I gripe about the barking and the millions of hairballs around the house, they are pure love and joy. There is nothing like coming home after a bad day to this:

Now that is pure love. We call Jill and Star - the Girlfriends, guess you can see why. Oh and goofy Spike always squeezes in the picture.

Jill is entered in the Murfreesboro shows this weekend. This showsite is only 30 minutes away so we get to sleep at home again! She only needs 4 points to finish and , dare I say this, could be a champion if she wins both days. Hope I didn't just jinx us! See Y'all.........

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Anonymous said...

Well since our Candy girl is entered there too I can't root for you too much :-). Leslie will be there with Candy and her Pems Cheery-O and Phoebe, she has Phoe entered in veterans for the 1st time.

You all have a good time and quit bragging about sleeping in your own bed. I never get to say that.