Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well we had an interesting weekend. Saturday's Judge, William Bergem, had a strange ring procedure. Instead of setting our dogs up on the table lengthwise, as usual, he had all the cardigans set up on the table sideways. Most of the Cardigans were too long and had to stand with their butts scrunched up underneath them. Interesting way to look at a profile breed. Jill won the bred-by class, but got dumped in WB. Janet's lovely red bitch, Scout, went on to take BOB - skillfully handled by my good friend, Cheryl Mika.

Today was a little better, we went reserve to a nice brindle bitch that we seem to trade WB and reserve with at the local shows. Heidi's 10 month old puppy, Rush, went BOB over 3 specials. Heidi was so flabbergasted when Judge Pat Laurans pointed at her that her face went red - it was too cute - Cheryl and I hung around to cheer her on in group where Rush got a serious look.

All and all, we had a good time and got to visit with friends. One of our puppies from the last litter came for a visit and is coming on nicely. Turman (or Mugen, as his new family calls him) is a gawky 6 month old, but we will be taking a look at him in a few months. It would be really nice to have one of the puppies from that litter turn out.

I am catching a ride with Cheryl to West Friendship, MD for the Chesapeake Cardigan Regional Specialty in 2 weeks. I don't have anything entered, but Lego is going up to check out a few girls that are interested in him. Since I missed the nationals this year, I am looking forward to the trip.

Then Jill and I will head to Tri-star in Nashville to try our luck at getting those last 4 singles.
See y'all.......

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