Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flowers and Football

I wake every morning to a beautiful display of purple morning glorys entwined with the small delicate red flowers of the humming bird vine. Just had to snap a few pictures to share....

Then we were off to the Titan's game. We are season ticket holders and huge football fans. Rick could not go today so I was able to take a co-worker for her first live football game. A great game but it was extremely hot. We saw way too much exposed flesh that really needed to be covered. I mean honestly, I think some people must not own a mirror. Anyway - the Titans were victorious over the Jaguars and Joyce and I each lost at least 10 lbs of water weight - GRIN!
See ya'll

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Chuck said...

Now I know who to contact when I want to come up for a Titan's game! ;) Thanks for the visit today!