Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At least the birds are happy.

Poor Jill is going through the post puppy coat blow. It always amazes me how naked a bitch can get after having puppies. I took Jill outside and brushed out yet another bushel full of hair from her. The bright side to this, all the finches, wrens, robins and mocking birds were diving wildly for snippets of her hair. Guess the baby birds will appreciate Jill's warm undercoat when they emerge from their eggs.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kate has a new boyfriend! Ch Grangefield Kiss Me Kate will be bred to Ch Grangefield Rob Roy.
Tex is a lovely red boy with loads of bone and beautiful head piece. He is a young dog in the picture and has only improved with age. Now if Kate would just go into season......

Ch Grangfield Rob Roy "TEX"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The puppies and I had a chance to catch a ride to the DC area with my brother. So, off we went. three 7 week old puppies and I in my brother's king cab truck pulling his big fishing boat. The puppies did amazingly well on the 12 hour ride. They fussed very little and no one, not a single puppy, pottied in the crate! Of course we had lots of potty stops, but I was very proud of them. We arrived safely at Shirley's home in time for a scrumptious dinner! Shirley was very pleased with the litter. I am anxious to see how they grow up. I flew back to Tennessee Monday evening to a puppy-less home. Sigh - I already miss the puppy breath!

See Ya'll