Friday, April 22, 2011

Stacked pics - 8 weeks

Here is the Brady Bunch at 8 weeks!

We had a wonderful puppy party at Shirley's house and everyone had a great time despite the crappy, rainy weather.


Not Cooperating






Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Puppy Pics by Carol

Peter, Jan, Cindy, Marsha, Bobby, Greg and T.J. (Alice) Peter, Greg and Bobby
Marsha, T.J., Cindy and Jan
Cindy Cindy


Jan and Cindy

Peter, Jan and Marsha

Puppy Pic

Photo by Carol Richardson

Carol and Frank Richardson along with their sweet girls, Sarah & Emily (Norman's family) came to visit the puppies yesterday. Carol is re-launching her career as a professional photographer. She brought along all her equipment and took several pictures of the puppies. Stay tuned for more of Carol's wonderful photographs.
We have decided to keep Alice whose official name will be Lyberty's Crystal Blue Persuasion, call name: T.J. This song is one of my personal favorites and I have caught myself singing it ever since we decided on the name. Can anyone guess where the call name came from?
I originally planned to have a puppy party on April 16th with Shirley flying down for the celebration. As often happens, our plans changed. Janet and I are now driving the puppies to Maryland on April 15th for a long weekend. Also making the trip will be Janet's gang (Sally, Scout & Spencer), my Rosie and Shirley's Amber. Should prove to be an interesting drive to say the least....
If you live in the Maryland/Washington D.C. area and would like to join us for a crab dinner or a puppy fix, let me know!