Monday, November 17, 2008

Concord,NC - wrap up

What fun we had in Concord, NC. Janet brought along her camera and snapped away. Jill was winners bitch two of three days and picked up two more points from the bred-by class. She only needs 2 points to finish!

Here's Sam getting his group 1 on Friday! Woo Hoo - way to go Sam and Cheryl!

Here is Profitt getting his Group 4 on Saturday - Woo Hoo for Profitt and Cheryl!

Here is Janet's Spencer - showing off his PERFECT Score in Rally Excellence - He's just too modest for words!
Here is Janet's Lovely Scout with Handler - Cheryl Mika - What a pretty girl!

And her is Jill taking Winner's Bitch on Sunday - Thank you Janet for sneaking behind the photographer and catching this shot.

Now - where to go, where to go...need 2 more points....hmmmm - do I smell a dog show in December
See Ya'll

Friday, November 14, 2008

News flash - Concord Dog Show

News Flash - Concord, NC - Jill goes Winners Bitch for another point!!! Woo Hoo - 3 more singles and she's finished! Not bad for a down right nekked girl! Had several no shows today dropping the points down from 2 to 1 - let's hope they come tomorrow and Sunday. Maybe the rain kept them home.
Janet tried to get there in time to take a picture behind the photographer, but just missed it. Judge Christopher Neale graciously posed for another shot outside the ring.