Friday, October 9, 2009

Puppy 5 Week Pictures

Presenting the WWII Litter @ 5 weeks
Lyberty's Memphis Bell

Lyberty's Rosie the Riverter

Lyberty's D-Day at Normandy
Lyberty's Sherman Tank
Lyberty's Winston Churchill
Lyberty's Jimmy Doolittle
(Not cooperating with this process)


Dawn said...

What cuties! I want to kiss Normans nose for some reason. Winston looks like he has this standing thing handled. They sure are darling puppies!

dreameyce said...

What a handsome face on Tank! All are so adorable, keep them baby pics coming!! :)

Traci said...

:) They grow up so fast!!!!

Sarah said...

Cute babies!!! Love those little faces. Are you keeping anyone???

Lybertygirl said...

Yes! We are looking at Rosie or Bell right now, but there are some handsome boys in the lot as well!

StubbyDog said...

Pretty fronts on most of them! Can't wait to see them grow up some more.