Friday, October 2, 2009


No pictures today - Rick is having some minor surgery - Hernia repair.

Here are the names we have come up with for the WWII litter:
Lyberty Rosie the Riveter - "Rosie"
Lyberty Memphis Belle - "Bell or Bella"
Lyberty Spitfire - "Jackie" (First American Woman to fly the British Spitfire)
Lyberty Sherman Tank - "Sherm or Sherman"
Lyberty Winston Churchill - "Winston"
Lyberty D-Day @ Normandy - "Norm"
Lyberty Jimmy Doolittle - "Doo"

We welcome any other suggestions - There are so many to pick from we may have to another WWII litter.

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Janet said...

The Memphis Belle was named for Margaret Polk - you could call her Margaret or Margie or Maggie. Or Janet, because I am also a Memphis Belle.