Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cute Puppy Poses

Jackie (Lyberty's Spitfire) decided the easiest way to get her fair share to eat is to sleep with her head in the bowl !
The puppies are quite rambunctious so we expanded the puppy pen to it's full size - They can run and play all they want now.
Can't do puppy poses without cute puppy bellies!

First meal in the big pen.
We attached an open crate to the pen.
The puppies immediately piled up in the crate for a snooze


Janet said...

That's quite a setup!!

I love the belly shot with the crossed legs.

-Carol- said...

Belly pose is TOO much cute!

Regent Cardis said...

Silly little Jackie. That is so cute.

StubbyDog said...

Nice pad! They're so cute.

Debra said...

They are getting so big!