Thursday, August 13, 2009

Calming down

Whew, I need to retire - can I make it 5 more years? I have always tried to take the approach at work of "not sweating the small stuff". Of late, I seem to have a harder time applying this technique. I have been working for the State for 24+ years, and I've never been told to go to training or else, so it's hard to adjust. With the current budgetary problems, things in my dept. have been stressful, with workloads increasing at an alarming rate. Maybe I am just too old to adapt. Who knows... ANYWAY...after a long discussion with Shirley regarding Kate's impending whelp it appears things will work out. She pointed out that it is highly unlikely that Kate and my friends 2 bitches will all whelp on the same day, so help will more than likely be available. She also offered to jump on a plane and fly from MD to TN for the week if needed. What a jewel of a mentor she is!
Thanks to all my blogging buddies for enduring "my red neck melt down". I appreciate your wise advice!


penni said...

So glad you are a little more relieved. It's difficult to imagine that after all these years at the same job, you MUST be trained now. There is something nonsensical about the government -- oh, that's not a new thought, is it?

Sharrie said...

Glad to read that you have come up with a solution to your "time" problem. Hope your girl cooperates; she probably will!

C-Myste said...

Jobs in the private sector can be nonsensical as well. Three more years. Three more years. (I plan to be out of here at 60.)

Fingers are crossed for you.