Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mini Vacation

Woo Hoo!! Janet S. and I are heading to Orlando this afternoon for a well deserved mini vacation. Of course, this does involve a dog show. I'm not showing anything as Jill is still naked (or as we say in the south "nekked as a Jay Bird") so I will go as Scout's cheering section. I sure am ready for a break - work has been especially crazy.


Sarah said...

OMG, well, I'll see you guys there! I'm flying from kansas City to Orlando tomorrow morning, and will be showing Baby Darby the Vallhund! Funny how we meet up in far away states!!!

My parents live about 15 miles from the show site (they are in Virginia so it'll just be me), if you want a place with a giant back yard for the dogs to run, etc. just holler. The pool will be waiting!

penni said...

All of you have a great time -- drive carefully.

Janet said...

No, Laura. We are going to "a conference."