Friday, March 18, 2011

The Big Pen, Puppy Bellies & the Caterpillar

The puppies made the move to the big pen yesterday.
Puppy Bellies!!!!!
A Puppy Pile!
We LOVE our Caterpillar

I found this caterpillar pillow after Easter last year.

I just knew puppies would love it!


Dawn said...

OH look at those bellies! THey are certainly not underfed are they. I wish I was close enough to cuddle them, they are lovely.

penni said...

I clicked on this post and could feel eyes staring at the caterpillar. The baddogs were judging how much stuffing was in that toy. The babies are growing well and looking great -- mmmm puppy tummy.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the follow. :) We've been watching your little pack; so adorable! I think JF and Dewi would like a caterpillar, too.