Monday, January 4, 2010


It's really cold in middle Tennessee with temperatures in the teens for the past several days. I was playing with my new Droid (Verizon's answer to the iphone) this afternoon and happened on Oh My Goodness, it's going to get colder! They are calling for 3 inches of accumulating snow Wednesday night and temps dropping into the minus column. Now for you northern folks (or Yankees as we call ya), that doesn't seem like much, but it will paralyze everything here.
I think I reached my lifetime cold weather limit during the 2 winters I spent at Idaho State University completing my graduate degree. Or maybe, 25 years of living back in the South has spoiled me.


Taryn said...

It's been cold and windy here in Virginia too. I am tired of needing 10 layers of clothing to take the dogs for a walk! BRRRR is right!

Kaye said...

OMG, I'm a yankee and I turn into the biggest baby when it gets cold now that I live in NC. I don't have any memories of how I used to do it, in Ohio.

Anonymous said...
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