Friday, December 4, 2009

Cardi Claws

Cardi Claws visited the Lyberty Gang! Boy we must have been really good - Look at all the goodies that were sent by Shep at the Cardigan Complex!

A cool picture of Simon with neat artwork by Shep on the envelope!

A Beautiful Blue Cardi Ornament!

Cool Doggie Treats With Simon and Piper on the label!!!!

A neat "indestructible" puppy toy!


A really cool T-shirt!

Thank You Shep - you brightened our day!!!


Shep said...

Aw... you are most, most welcome! :D I loved going through your blog and seeing your furry family, and I was like, hmm, have to make it fair for them too! ;) I love your Shepherd, she's beautiful. <3

(Also, my husband totally wanted that wonderful little Cardi ornament. He's like... oh, for me? I guess I'll have to get him one too. ;) )

If the shirt doesn't fit, let me know -- I'll send you a different size, honest! I just love their stuff, it holds up great!

I'm so glad you like it and got it already! :D This was so, so much fun!

Jules said...

What a wonderful gift box!