Friday, December 18, 2009

Belated Maryland Post - Rudy Update

I am sure you have all read the posts by Janet (Simple things) and Taryn (A tail of two cardis) describing all the fun we had on our trip to Maryland last weekend. Shirley is a wonderful hostess and a wealth of information on our breed, I am so lucky to have her as a mentor and friend.

Things were hectic when I got home. Rudy had taken a turn for the worse. His lymphoma has spread and we know we will not beat this dastardly disease. He went to the vet for another steroid injection plus a b-12 shot. He has rallied again, and is back to his silly self. We are taking this day by day with the knowledge that we will not be winning this battle (SIGH).

On a happier note, Tank found his forever home while we were visiting Shirley. He is know living with his new family in Fredricksburg, VA. Here is a picture of Tank with his new Mom and Dad!

Taryn took these great pictures of Doolittle and Belle at Shirley's puppy party. I really enjoyed meeting Taryn - this Cardi Blog group is way too much fun! Thanks for the great pictures Taryn! Doolittle and Belle are still looking for their forever homes!

Lyberty's Jimmy Doolittle

And he's Smart too!

Lyberty's Memphis Belle

What A Charmer!

Belle trying to steal Tank's food!


RegentCardis said...

I am so sorry to hear about Rudy. I lost Princess to the same disease. :(

Claire said...

Very sorry to hear about Rudy. Give the boy a pat on the head for me.