Tuesday, May 19, 2009

At least the birds are happy.

Poor Jill is going through the post puppy coat blow. It always amazes me how naked a bitch can get after having puppies. I took Jill outside and brushed out yet another bushel full of hair from her. The bright side to this, all the finches, wrens, robins and mocking birds were diving wildly for snippets of her hair. Guess the baby birds will appreciate Jill's warm undercoat when they emerge from their eggs.


Jinnie said...

Lindy is right there with her, I showed her NAKED this weekend, she looks like a short Greater Swiss Mt dog, her coat is so slick. Last night I was plucking out guard hairs from her ruff. Amazing they have that much hair to lose! Here is hoping for pretty hair when it comes back in.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dora and Wednesday have contributed their fair share to the nesting birds, too!

Dora looks like she was shaved down by a very bad groomer with a 40 blade, and missed a few spots on her butt and her neck (but got the entire tail!)

Wednesday is slightly better, but Wednesday lost a lot of weight with this litter, and has not put it back on; so not only is she hairless, she is skinny. She is LONG LEAN AND LEGGY!

But motherhood is no excuse fo not having any hair-- Sera is naked as a jaybird, and so is Nicky right now-- they are all blowing coat with the strange weather patters we have had this spring!