Monday, August 25, 2008

Work stuff

Work - everyone has to do it. I have a stressful job and it seems like the stress is building day by day. Not because I work with convicted felons, but because I am a government employee. It has became apparent to me of late, that a warm body is all that is required to fill a position anymore. There are no pats on the back and thanks for a job well done. Just stats, and numbers and BUDGET ISSUES!

I am a probation/parole officer in an area that covers 4 rural counties. I specialize in writing presentence investigations for the courts. That means when a felon is convicted in a trial or enters a plea of guilty and requests alternative sentencing (ie - probation), I do an extensive back ground check that includes criminal history, social history, victim interviews, etc. I am also taxed with writing similar reports for the felons going to prison. Yes, that means I interview rapist, murders, drug dealers, thieves, child molesters and so forth. Mostly I work with Stupid People. Yes, there are really dumb criminals. From time to time, I will try to anonymously retell some of the funniest stories I run across. Have to be careful though, and not reveal names, dates or places - don't want to violate any one's rights.

Sooo... what is my answer to job stress ----- dogs.....puppy people!!!!!!!

I got into showing dogs in my 40's. A little late in life, but well worth it. I have made some awesome friends and absolutely love my dogs.

There is hope - in 6 more years I can retire (actual date:1-1-2014) . I will only be 58 - so will need to find something else to do to supplement my income - hmmmm maybe run a doggie day care.........

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