Saturday, August 30, 2008



We received this picture of the last puppy placed from the Presidential litter. This is one contented puppy! I think Truman has found his perfect home!

What a nightmare this litter was. Star whelped a litter of 8 beautiful puppies on 2-18-08 - President's day. The whelp was textbook easy, but that did not last long. Unbeknownst to us, Star had contracted an e-coli infection in her uterus a day or two before she gave birth. The next morning, we started losing puppies. We fought hard to keep the pups alive with the help of my good friend (and Brittany breeder) Geri. Off we went to the Vet at 6:30 am. What a great Vet I have. He is always just a phone call away! We spent the entire day in intensive care only to lose 4 puppies. Star was also very ill and we nearly lost her. Her milk went bad, so....we needed a surrogate. I made a frantic post to the Nashville Kennel Club and within 4 hours was driving to meet a pointer breeder, whose husband just happened to be a vet as well. So the remaning pups were raised on pointer milk. What a site - 4 tiny Cardigan Welsh Corgi pups, suckling the enormous ninnies of a pointer.

The pointer milk did them good! They came home at 4 weeks and we weaned them to solid food. Star, the ever vigilant mommy, took right over cleaning them and snuggling them just like they never left.

No show pups developed and we found wonderful, loving pet homes for all.

Whoever said having puppies was easy and profitable!!!!!!

See Y'all.....


StubbyDog said...

And this is why I'm terrified to do a litter! LOL

Anonymous said...

Nobody who does it right!