Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paws it forward

Look what arrived at the lyberty household earlier this week from Magic Fisher over at Daybreak. As you all can see our Magic is putting his seal of approval on the toys. In the sport of Paws it Forward we will pass our good fortune on to the first 2 bloggers to comment.


Cathy said...

Dodger can tear through toys quicker than anything. I look for super-strong toys but it still does not work. But I hope your baby loves his toys. dodger got new ones yesterday.

Cathy said...

Gosh my first comment did not go through. Well, I just said Dodger goes through even super strong toys and I just got him new ones yesterday. Hope yur baby enjoys his new goodies.

Debra said...

Aww, Magic man just loves his toys. Tell Star her boys are doing fine and we will start wrestling classes soon. I think they are really good Greco-Roman wrestlers.