Saturday, February 13, 2010

Belle's new Mom, etc....

Belle left yesterday morning with her New Family. Here is a shot of "Lillybelle" with her new mom, Debra. She did great on the first leg of trip to Beverly Hills (Michigan). Rosie misses her sister!

Doolittle left yesterday for his trip to NYC. I am leaving in an hour to meet Janet. Then we are off to Atlanta where we will catch the Crescent train on Amtrak to NYC. I am really looking forward to this trip and to be Scout's cheering section at the garden.
We will meet up with Doolittle Sunday night and introduce him to his new family. We will also get to see Ike (AKA: Hoagie) from our Presidential Litter (Doolittle's new big brother).

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Debra said...

Aww give Ike (Hoagie) a hug from us! Have a great time in New York!