Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What not to wear at a dog show (caution)

One of the many valuable things I learned in my first confirmation class was when choosing a show outfit be sure to bend over in front of a mirror and see what "hung out" in the front and back!
OMG! Did she not feel a breeze!
Since it appears this is a halter dress - bet the Judge got a good view too.
I'm not sure where this took place, but I'm thinking (hoping) it was a match -- but then again there is a tent and looks like a PA system in the back.


coopercreek said...

Oh my goodness!! Some people just can't think for themselves or maybe they just don't care. I bet the people there watching had their jaws drop when they saw that.

penni said...

Okay -- we're going to cut her some slack. Someone else had been showing that dog and another of his/her dogs also won. This poor woman was pressed into service. Had she known she was going to show, she would have dressed more conservatively. Right?

Lybertygirl said...

The big discussion here: Is she wearing or thong or is she going "ala Fresco"?

Kaye said...

Maybe part of her strategy for winning? She has show shoes on so I do think she was expecting to 'show'

Cindy said...

This is like people of Walmart, only better! About as good as those the lose their slip or panty hose as they travel around the ring. Nope, never had that happen-don't wear anything but a full slip-heehee. Thanks for the giggle.

Debra said...

I had to show my husband, we have been laughing about being blinded by the "full moon". Personally this is why I always wear full coverage underwear, you never know when you need it.

Anonymous said...

There is actually a people of dog shows website