Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily Cute(s)

First just let me say that it is really hard to take head shots of 3 day old puppies. I did my best....the names are temporary

Dot - Bitch - Brindle/red? - has 1 dot on neck
Dot Dot - Male brindle/red? - 2 dots on neck

No Dot -Male - brindle/red? no dots!
Pirate - male - black/white - lots of white but not a mismark!

Zorro - male - brindle/red? - Z shape mark on neck

Ziggy - Bitch - black/white - Z mark on shoulder

Frosty - bitch - black/white - white tipped ears

As you can tell Frosty is showing what she thinks of this process!
Mom and babies are doing well - Everyone gaining weight.


StubbyDog said...

Glad everyone is doing so well! What pretty markings.

Sharrie said...

The temporary names are cute. There has to be some way to identify those little bugs.

-Carol- said...

So sweet!

penni said...

Darling puppy shots. It will be fun to watch this batch grow up.

MoonMystic said...

Oh they're just adorable!

Holly said...

I love how easy, compare to GSDs, to identify Cardi pups! Love their intro names.