Friday, July 10, 2009


Oh boy, we get Kate bred and out of season - and in goes Jill. Wonder how long it will take Star to come in....they like to be in season together. Poor Lego......guess he will be a raving, hormonal, idiot for a few more weeks.


Sharrie said...

Poor Lego, that can't be a happy position to be in.

penni said...

I know that at shows (especially Nationals where -- it seemed -- every girl was in season) poor Chase is a drooling fool. When he's with Sherri, she always has a girl or two in season and he's a raving maniac.

Holly said...

Since most cycle together, I use a liquid chlorophyl supplement to help tone down the "body odor" of the girls in season. It does help.

Lybertygirl said...

WOW - I never though of that - Thanks Holly!

Holly said...

YVW :-)

I give whatever the serving size is. I have "triple strength" in my fridge so a serving is a teaspoon.

I found regular strength online that a serving is a Tablespoon.

It was worth the convenience of picking this up at my local vitamin store. Plus I like supporting local business when I can.

It will make their stool dark green and it can stain things if you spill it.

Holly said...

PS don't give it to a female that you intend to breed that season.