Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dew claw removal

We took the pups in for dew claw removal late yesterday afternoon. I am always glad to get that over with. I try to make the appointment as late as I can to avoid exposing the 2-4 day old pups to germs. Jill was a bit stressed when I took the pups out of the whelping box and Rick said she fretted until I brought them back home. I know a lot of people remove them at home, but I like to take the pups in so my Vet can give them the once over. I am curious, am I the norm or do most breeders remove the dew claws themselves? Love to hear from you all on this.

See Y'all


Shades of Gray said...

I have my vet remove the dew claws. I bring the bitch with me when I go too.

Anonymous said...

Vet did mine, and the GSP litter too, but we have tails to do on them. I brought Lindy with me this time since I was by myself and I didn't want her at home freaking out.