Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life is Good

Today was an excellent day.   I went to my oncologist for my 3 month check up and was given the go ahead to have my port removed!  I see my surgeon next week to schedule the procedure.   I feel amazingly well and continue to revel in my new life.

So....what's next....well.....I'm judging sweeps in Greensboro, NC next Saturday.  The entry is nice and I can't wait to see all the pups and vets that people have so graciously entered.   When Mary Sue contacted me about judging sweeps I had just had my last chemo treatment.   I was feeling pretty low and almost said no.  Then I decided that it was the perfect incentive to look forward to.  I'm so glad I said yes.  To make things even better my sister is going with me.   We have been saying that we really need a girls weekend and this is the perfect trip.   Look out Greensboro....the Hood girls are coming!

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